2016 Smartphone Chips from Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, Apple and Other Manufacturers

Friday, March 18, 2016

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Qualcomm smartphone chips

Perhaps, the most hope to come in 2016 is chip maker Qualcomm. Since 820 after the release of Qualcomm, much attention has been paid to its Snapdragon 820 was destined to be a turning war with Qualcomm's great hope, this year it will also be one of the most common chips on the flagship.

About Snapdragon 820, there has introduced some roughly before, it abandoned the Snapdragon 810 version of the size of eight nuclear structure, to return to the classic four since research Kryo kernel, is divided into two 2.2 GHz + two 1.6 to 1.7 GHz, 40% increased Adreno GPU performance from 810 to 530 which is at the top level of overall performances. Qualcomm chip, of course, has always been strong in baseband Snapdragon didn't fall in 820, it supports for the 12/13 level of LTE Netcom, all is the specifications of the highest baseband.

Multimedia, Snapdragon 820 built-in Spectra of 14 pairs of ISP, the advanced technology such as double lens, mixed focusing algorithm support. Display can support 4K video output and an external monitor, supports higher refresh rate and a new Rec. 2020 color gamut, play 4K of h. 265 video also. A few people pay attention to the point is, Snapdragon 820 paired with new WCD9335 audio decoding chip, supports 24 bit / 192 KHZ nondestructive music, also can reduce the 3D stereo delay, provide the HIFI surround sound, reduce noise and enhance the game sound. The Snapdragon 820 smartphones have been announced and released on MWC 2016.

Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm chip unique Quick Charge fast charging technology has also evolved to version 3.0, charging from 0% to 80% only need to 35 minutes, QC2.0 compared to improve the rate of 38%, charging voltage can be adjusted between 3.6 V ~ 20 V, also backward compatibility, is the interface Type - A, MicroUSB or Type - C also has no fixed requirements.

Quick Charge 3.0

As for the heat and power consumption, everybody's most concerned about Snapdragon 820 Samsung through the use of the second generation of 14 nm FinFET LPP craft manufacture, thoroughly down 64 Kryo architecture, its marketing vice President Tim mike cobb external guarantee Snapdragon 820 problems fever "absolutely not", as to whether it is true, we are waiting for new evaluation.

MediaTek smartphone chips

While MediaTek's revenue basic maintained a steady growth last year, but as a result of Helio X10 impact high-end is not ideal, and with Spreadtrum, Leadcore in the middle and lower market price, directly led to a sustained drop in gross margin, so this year for MediaTek enormous challenge. In 2016, MediaTek Helio high end products mainly including Helio P10 / P20 and X20 / X30 four fragments.

Helio is the high-end brand for MediaTek to enter the high end smartphone range, the products can be divided into X series for high performance and P series for low consumption. Helio X10 phones can be found on the market, and the first MT6755 Helio P10 smartphones has been released on the market, Elephone P9000 for example. To replace long-popular MT6753 on the market, Helio P10 remain MediaTek heap of core, the eight faster 2.0 GHz architecture (A53 male version of the kernel; GPU part gave up consistently use Imagination PowerVR scheme, to integrate two ARM Mali - T860 core, the performance of the mainstream. But, True Bright image processor (ISP), join MiraVision 2.0 video technology is a new Bright spot. At the same time it also integrates the compatible with three carriers Cat 6 level LTE baseband, in a new third generation of 28 nm HPC + process under the blessing, power control is very ideal. Helio P10 has been used in new phones realesed in 2016, and here is the Helio P10 smartphone list.

MediaTek Helio

And in the second half, P10 P20 upgrade paragraph will be listed, its biggest change is that technological evolution to 16nm FinFET compact, the corresponding CPU frequency up to 2.3 GHz, 15% performance increase, the GPU part performance will also rise by 50%, but the overall power consumption will decline 25%, at the same time support the latest LPDDR4 memory.

To regain his childhood in Qualcomm to pragmatic quad-core, MediaTek continue down the path of pile nuclear high-end X20 (MT6797) is further development will be auditing to ten nuclear, CPU part consists of two high-performance A72 + four high-frequency A53 + architecture of four low-frequency A53 three cluster type, therefore also specifically called " MediaTek coherent system interconnection bus connected guarantee the normal operation, the GPU is like Kirin 950 adopted the Mali - T880MP4. X20 the biggest characteristic is its LTE Cat. 6 of the baseband support CDMA2000 system, for the first time to enter the U.S. market and build the Netcom mobile phone is very important. MT6797 Helio X20 and its advanced edition MT6797T Helio X25 were released on March 16, 2016. The first smartphones with MT6797T Helio X25 is confirmed to be Meizu Pro 6. And here is the MT6797 Helio X20 smartphones list.

As for the top x, the original will be 16 nm FinFET Plus manufacture process, but the recent don't know is why process will skip 16 nm to 10 nm process directly, this year will come out to say. X30 from X20 CPU part of the three clusters evolution into four clusters, four high-performance A72 + two high-frequency A53 + medium frequency A53 + of two low frequency A53; GPU is still Mali - T880, but the core may ascend into 6 or 8.

Samsung smartphone chips

Samsung, a flagship chip with the rhythm would be public once of a year, this year 8890 Exynos have a qualitative leap.

Exynos 8890 the parameter list of a spread out, the first of the most fascinating is that exaggerated Mali - T880MP12 12 core GPU, Kirin is three times that of 950. High specification is not only in order to meet the needs of large 3 d games, but also to prepare for virtual reality devices, GFXBench Manhattan runs test and Adreno par 530.

Samsung Exynos

8890 the biggest bright spot is Samsung, however, have adopted the research Mongoose kernel version instead of the high performance part of the size of the nuclear male A57 / A72, comprehensive performance than SAN Exynos 7420 increased by 30%, don't lose the latest A72, multi-core performance is also likely to top the first mobile chip. In addition, the previous lack of Samsung SoC baseband board will be a supplement, integrates with Snapdragon 820 equivalent of the 12 LTE baseband.

From the male version to the kernel, from 14nm, suit to start from no to integrate their baseband, Samsung with strong execution and performance of high-performance responded to questions, proved its undisputed power semiconductor. At this year's Samsung S7 series and Meizu Pro series on mobile phones, we frequently see this chip.

Chips from other manufacturers like Apple, Huawei

In addition to Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, the three major chip suppliers, other independent research and development for their mobile phone chips is also worth attention.

Biggest names A10 bumps will appear in the second half of the apple, of course, although there is no too much exactly news, but a new generation of iPhone 7/7 Plus carry their must be no doubt about it. It is understood that the A10 CPU kernel will upgrade to the fourth generation of Hurricane of 64 - bit architecture, the core number is expected to remain dual-core, choose to continue to ascend single-core performance to easing the bit in the android camp; GPU aspect is expected to use Imagination has just been released in January PowerVR xt Plus seven series, the key promoted heterogeneous computing power, and a new image processing data manager and designed for 2 d load command processor. Due to the chip of A9 door event, will be passed on to TSMC A10 exclusive contract, process is expected to upgrade to 10nm.

Another major strength of independent research and development is Huawei Kirin chip. As the starting A72, Mali - T880 SoC, Kirin 950 also is never out of season in this year, in the upcoming flagship Huawei P9 and glory of figure, we'll see it on meet the daily use is not a problem.

Huawei Kirin


In addition to the above mentioned chips, Spreadtrum was purple light last year after purchase, this year is expected to be big, but there is no precise information, the chips to go independent research and development, such as LG, ZTE mobile phone manufacturers have a posterior, so the chip market this year is really trying to muddy the prospects. But what is clear is that as a traditional supply chain, Qualcomm and MediaTek will become the protagonist of the story.

Consumers don’t need to concern the core number exactly, just remember model as a reference for the above said.

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