16nm Octa Core LTE Chips: Spreadtrum SC9860 vs MediaTek Helio P20

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Table of Content for the 16nm cota core chips:

  • Spreadtrum launches the 1st 16 NM 64bit five models octa cores LTE SoC platform
  • MediaTek launches MediaTek Helio P20, one more member in the high-end CPU Helio family

Part I. Spreadtrum's first SoC with 16nm technology, five models and octa cores LTE

Spreatrum Communication (hereinafter referred to as Spreadtrum), as one of the Chinese leading chipset suppliers in 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication terminal, announced at the MWC that the octa 64 digit LTE SoC platform-- SC9860 is entering a mass production stage. As the solution of Spreadtrum middle and high-end smart phone single chip set, SC9860 has efficient performance of movement operation and can support upstage multimedia configuration. It will bring a superlative user experience to the smart phone users all over the world.

Spreadtrum SC9860 applies the advanced TSMC16nm FFC technology, has a better energy efficiency ratio compared to 20nm, 28nm. It integrates ARM Octa 64-digit Cortex-A53 CPU, the dominant frequency has surpassed 2.0GHz, and apply the latest quad core Mali T880 GPU, it can support 4K and over high fidelity image. At the mean time, the platform also performed well on top to support multimedia configuration, with advanced three sets of image processor support up to 26000000 megapixels camera, before and after the two cameras and real-time video function at the same time, real 3D. With HEVC hardware decoder technology, realize super elevation 4K2K video shoot and play and can also support high-grade resolution ratio WQXGA (2560 x 1600) displayer. Spreadtrum SC9860 makes a complete project about realizing user perception and Sensor Fusion application by the integration sensor control center. It provides the flagship user experience with high performance price ratio, high energy efficient and high integration density.

Besides, Spreadtrum SC9860 LTE support global full frequency Category level of seven (7), two-way support carrier aggregation and TDD + FDD hybrid networking, descending rate of 300 MBPS, uplink rate of 100 MPBS, truly achieve 4 g + technology of high speed Internet experience.

 “SC9860 chip cell is the first 4G SoC single chip cell that Spreadtrum is facing to the middle and high end smart phone. This is as huge break”, said by the president as well as CEO of Spreadtrum, Doctor Li Liyou, “With TSMC outstanding technical advantages and strategic support, we will be 16 nm FFC advanced technology used in commercial mobile baseband products of one of the early adopters. SC9860 successful launch of Spreadtrum as a full hand laid the leading status in the global smartphone chip market. At the same time, we are growing chip design research and development ability, the launch of the SC9860 high-end 4 g smartphone market in the face. Spreadtrum future also will continue to cooperate with customers and partners to provide innovation products with higher performance and better user experience.” 

The general manager and also CEO of TSMC, Doctor Wei Zhejia states that:”As the leading Chinese main chip cell supplier, Spreadtrum impressed us in the recent years by its fast developing. Be the long time partner of Spreadtrum, it is happy to see the solution program for SC9860 to come out.  With the advanced 16 NM technology of TSMC, Spreadtrum SC9860 has splendid energy efficiency performance. It can provide outstanding high energy efficiency ratio and also lower the cost efficiently.

By now Spreadtrum SC9860 is in the mass production stage, and LTE smart phone with it is supposed to be launched in the 2nd season of this year.  

New MediaTek Helio P20, in addtion to Helio series of Helio X25, Helio X20, Helio X10 and Helio P10

According to the news , MediaTek Inc. announced to launch new high-end smart phone CPU- MediaTek Helio P20. The program has low power consumption, can fully satisfy the next generation of smart phones for super long battery life, powerful performance, as well as rich and excellent function, new experience for consumers, also increased the flexibility in the design of the terminal manufacturers in mobile phone.

MediaTek Helio P20 applies the 16nm processing technology and is the 1st SoC in the world which can support LPDDR4X (Low power double data rate random storage). Power consumption compared with wide praise market not only the generation of the sunrise on the force of P10 sharply by 25%, and on the CPU and GPU performance is improved - built-in frequency of 2.3 GHz is really eight nuclear ARM Cortex A53 processor, as well as the frequency of 900 MHZ ARM now top Mali T880 GPU, completely fit for the demand of the video and games.

Zhu Shangzu, executive vice president and COO of MediaTek states that:” the MediaTek Helio P20 can satisfy the demand on mobile device of light and thin as well as good functions, at the same time, it can solve the problem about high energy consumption. To the fact that consumers are more and more concerned about battery life and the multimedia functions, MediaTek will solve this problem with an advanced solution.

MediaTek Helio P20 has many advantages in the network connecting aspects: support the global cotype LTE Cat. 6 and 2x20 dual carrier polymerize 300Mbps/ 50Mbps)and can fully satisfy 4G+ requirements; Support dual cards and dual standby, realize seamless connection globally; support LTE multimedia broadcast and multicast service). Mobile device can receive HD video by LTE.

To further improve CPU function and the battery life, MediaTek Helio P20 applies LPDDR4X of low power consumption RAM. Not only the bandwidth of LPDDR3 improved 70%, the low to 0.6V service voltage together realized the 50% energy conservation. This actually brings faster and smoother photograph and video and game experience.

MediaTek Helio P20 has another big advantage that it equips the particular Imagiq ISP from MediaTek. This makes the photograph easier and can also guarantee high quality on the photos and videos. The MediaTek Imagiq contains several IPS technologies and can satisfy high demand from consumers.  

Advance 12 digit dual ISP, support bayer +Mono Sensors-compared with traditional bayer+bayer sensor, this can reduce noisy point and catch triple light source and improve the image quality in a large extent.

Dual phase detection automatic focusing-realize real time automatic focusing, four times faster than traditional automatic focusing

3A hardware engine upgrade, can capture more vivid and fluent pictures

Strong time domain technology of reducing noise-even under dark environment can reduce the noise effectively. It can rendering the video and pictures with a standard which is close to the real one.

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