All about C94 Lightning Cable

Friday, May 24, 2019

Apple’s C94 recently went on sale.

Why is apple C94 so hot?

What is C94?

How to buy the desired C94 product?

This article may help you get the knowledge about the C94.Apple USB-C to Lightning cable

Ⅰ、What is USB-C to Lightning?

USB-C to Lightning is a date cable defined by apple itself, one end is USB-C port, the other end is Apple’s unique Lightning head. The standard which covers iPhone and iPad charging and date transfer, is an important part of apple’s MFi certification. This cable was first released with the iPad Pro. The cable with the USLightning interface

In Sep. 2012, iPhone 5 was launched. It was the first Li

Ⅱ、What do


C94   Type-C to Lightning   USB-C to Lightning   Lightning PD Cable   iPhone PD Lightning Cable

Don't need waiting for Airpower,iphone8/iphone8 plus/iphone x wireless charging supports QI standard.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In the latest release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple uses a new glass panels instead of the previous aluminum cover, doing so not only look more beautiful, but also added two new machines for the wireless charging function stand by.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has designed a product called AirPower wireless charging pillow, you can at the same time as the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods charge and does not require alignment of charging a fixed position, simply place the device on random pillow can be charged surface, thisiphone8 wireless charging

Airpower too far away from us,we don't need to wai

When will the iphone8 be released?Apple new product conference will be held in 9.12

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

When will the iphone8 be released?Apple new product conference will be held in 9.12.Yesterday, "Wall Street Journal" gives the news that Apple will hold a new conference on September 12, which led to widespread concern in the outside world, after all, iPhone 8 this year of great changes in appearance upgrade, many users are wait-wait for it.

Now, "the New York Daily News," "Forbes", CNBC and other children a big wave authority of the US media have given the message that Apple will hold a new conference in 14 days, that is, September 12, and took placiphone8

As for the content of this conference,




iphone7s plus

There are two new mediatek of P series,New 12nm series will update next year

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

July 31, MediaTek reported earnings of Q2, official data showed, MTK Q2 revenue this year of about NT $ 58.08 billion yuan, quarter by 3.6%, the annual reduction of nearly 2 percent, but Q2 gross margin rebounded, reaching 35%, MediaTek newly appointed co-CEO Rick Tsai position, in the second half of this year and help new market next year, MediaTek mobile phone chip business might stop the tide, to achieve a stable gross margin.

In this law, he said at the meeting, MediaTek will respect cloth some news about new products, such as next year, or is expected to enter 7

Somebody release on the mi


How about mediatek x30 processor performance? helio x30 specifications introduction

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Helio X20 open the door to three 10 core cluster, let us glimpse more likely big.LITTLE combinations. Helio X30 on the full evolution of the architecture, frequency, process, dual-core 2.5GHz A73, 2.2GHz A53 quad-core and quad-core 1.9GHz A35, compared with Helio X20 computing performance of up to 35 percent and power consumption by 50%.10nm helio x30

Chip manufacturing process progress is Helio X30 is another major part, MediaTek bold use of TSMC's most advanced 10-nanometer process, compared with 16-nanometer process performance improvements of up to 22%, sav

MediaTek to make up for past dhexlio x30 gpu

Also t


helio x30 graphics

helio x30   MediaTek SoC chips

Samsung On Max released,Unexpected MTK helio P25 Lite processor!

Friday, July 21, 2017

According to foreign media news reports, Samsung India recently launched a series of new Galaxy ON, this new machine model for the Samsung Galaxy ON MAX, as its name suggests, ON MAX has a large screen, while emphasizing the camera experience.Most important,Galaxy On Max equipped with the MediaTek eight-core Helio P25 Lite processor, which is the first time to see this model.

MTK helio p25 lite-sangsung galaxy on max

The mall has appeared flipkart Samsung's new machine as J7 MAX as built-in MTK chip, data is displayed as helio P25, but the Product details page can be found, it is a complete proce

There are pictures worth focusing


MediaTek X30 10nm Soc debut! Meizu new coming phone will carry it

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Before digitimes information given display, Meizu PRO7 will be released in July, and will be powered by
MediaTek Helio X30 chips. Helio X30 Part Number MT 6799,10nm process, using two core Cortex-A73 of 2.5GHz, 2.2GHz
and four core A53 A35 1.9GHz of the core 4, the GPU is customized PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 GPU, frequency to 800MHz,
supports 4K screen, 8GB RAM, UFS 2.1 and so on.

meizu pro 7 equipped with helio x30

Meizu Pro 7 is equipped with a 5.5 inches 1080p screen, rumors of bigger than before. At the same time, this
new machine will be equipped with Helio X30 processor, the rear dual cameras Sony IMX386 + IMX286 sens
million pixels, t

helio x30   10NM   deca core   meizu pro 7

Apple's acquisition of eye-tracking technology vendors,Iphone 8 AR coming

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grabbed VR (virtual reality) in numerous start-up companies hold when, in fact more giants have been cut into the AR (Augmented Reality) the field. Recently, some foreign media reports, Apple has quietly acquired the eye of a major development in Germany for VR and AR glasses helmet visual eye-tracking technology to track vendor SMI, this message is a transfer of industry speculation that Apple immediately or will enter the field of AR, R & D and production of AR glasses.

CEO of apple

In fact, Apple's enthusiasm for the field of AR has been tracked, in addition to SMI, Apple has al

In addition to App

MediaTek processor 7nm exposure,expected in the first half 2018 Distribution

Thursday, June 22, 2017

MediaTek plans to launch 7nm processor . It is learned that this chip is used in TSMC 7nm process technology, the processor uses a new 12-core, it disclosed that the chip will be launched in the first half 2018, whether this 7nm + 12-core chip can duke it out with Qualcomm, also research time to wait. In addition, Tsai also said that in addition to continue to optimize the current product road map, but also to strengthen the relationship with customers.

mediatek mobile socmediatek soc cpu subsystem

For its latest Helio X30, MediaTek is also actively looking for cooperation partners, for now, the only domestic Meizu exp

Iphone 8 may coming on sale as sheduled,the access data that from iphone 8 has been detected

Monday, June 19, 2017

The time Apple released the new machine is getting closer, on the Apple iPhone 8 messages have become more conclusive. From past experience, every time before new product launches, new data using the device to access the site can always be detected, Apple iPhone 8 is no exception.

Macrumors foreign media said that at present they have detected the Apple the iPhone 8 to access the data of their website, which may mean that the new machine Apple iPhone 8 engineering machines have been available. Apple currently detected by the iPhone 8 to acce

According to foreign well-known whistleblower